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Brisbane Mobile Window Tinting For Your Car, House, Office, Shop & Machinery

Our mobile tinting service has many advantages over normal tinting services

  • We come to you – You will save your valuable time. No need for the inconvenience of dropping your car off.
  • Cost-effective –  We offer premium film at great prices
  • Experience – Over 15 years experience in tinting
  • Family business – Deal with the owner for exceptional service

Westside Window Tinting is a family owned business with over 15 years experience in tinting all types of windows from the family car, SUV, Ute or sports car to your home, office or machinery including tractors and earth moving equipment. If it has glass we can tint it!

We have a range of premium quality window tinting films for you to choose from. All our window tinting film is premium quality with an exclusive manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. We have films for all budgets from full metal films for the best heat reduction and carbon window films that will not interfere with satellite navigation, Bluetooth and digital devices.

Call and have a chat with one of our friendly consultants.

We provide Window Tinting services to most suburbs in Brisbane.

Car with window tinted


Having window film applied to your car is not only a way to make it look more attractive, but this also protects you as a driver. Window tinting creates a protective barrier from harsh sun rays, improves shatter resistance and gives you privacy while travelling. Westside Window Tinting provides a diverse set of services, including car window tinting for Brisbane’s many car owners.

Our range of tints includes some of the most advanced protective technology. We install everything from non-reflective products that don’t fade to carbon nanotechnology. Westside Window Tinting uses products like Prime Automotive Window Films and more to ensure a long-lasting and clear tint experience.


The transition to making your home more “energy efficient” is not just a buzzword – it’s a lifestyle. The Westside Window Tinting team provides home window tinting in Brisbane to help the city’s residents improve on energy efficiency in everyday settings. Where better to start the revolution than your own home?

We install the best quality window tinting across Brisbane homes at an affordable cost. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to catch up with modern spacing. Our range of tints looks natural, so it blends with your home’s existing style.

Our use of premium Suntek and 3M products guarantee results every time. From Decorative 3M Fasara Glass Finishes to SunTek Ultra Vision, we’ll have you covered.

Window tinting helps you manage reflectivity in the home, diverting unnecessary glare and protecting your home from solar damage. Your energy bill will be much lower this summer with the protection of a Westside Window tint. Safety and security in a house with tinted windows also improve, so peace of mind is guaranteed.


Vandalism is an ongoing challenge for commercial property owners. From run-of-the-mill graffiti tags to extensive deliberate damage, fixed and mobile places of business are always vulnerable. Rather than charge our clients repeatedly for window replacements, Westside Window Tinting offers premium impact-resistant products to help our clients cut repair expenses.

Commercial window tinting is the best way to keep your commercial property looking professional at all times. We offer a range of practical window films with cosmetic appeal to keep your premises in pristine condition year round. Improve the overall look of your Brisbane office today with help from experts.


Maintaining heavy machinery like cranes is made cheaper and more accessible with window tinting installations by Brisbane’s best. The risk of rocks landing on a windscreen or harsh UV rays gnawing at the window quality is glaringly high. Westside Window Tinting helps you protect your machines from intentional and unexpected damage.

We install impact resistant film with near-total UV protection. No more fading and decay! What we offer can be compared to a pair of large-scale superhero sunglasses for machines. Call us today, and we’ll assist you on-site.