Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings for Cars in Brisbane

Reliable Car surface Protection

Most car owners want their vehicles to look like and feel like new forever. No scratched paint, no faded surfaces, no torn upholstery, no water streaks. 

The thing is no matter how meticulous you are at maintaining your car, minor mishaps can happen. You or another driver can accidentally scratch the vehicle’s paint work. The leatherette or nylon upholstery tears as your car rack up miles. And your car is always exposed to the elements, making the exterior and interior susceptible to fading and rust.

With Westside Window Tinting’s ceramic coatings, you can now say goodbye to premature car damage and fading. We offer full vehicle protection — from your car’s paintwork to its interior to its wheels. Thanks to professional ceramic coatings in Brisbane, there’s no need to fear the elements and regular wear and tear and what they can do to your vehicle.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a type of liquid polymer used to protect and preserve different car surfaces. This product does not need a paintbrush, roller, or other tools for application; we only need a foam block and a microsuede applicator cloth to apply it by hand. This leaves behind a long-lasting protective film that acts as your car’s shield against the sun’s UV rays, rain, dirt, and more. 

Even better? The protection is permanent, so you don’t need to re-apply wax twice a year.

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Ceramic Coating Packages

Single stage paint correction

From $1395

Two stage paint correction

From $2195

What Ceramic Coating Can Do

Bring back your car’s sleekness. Ceramic coating lends your car that head-turning gloss. Once applied, it’s like your car just rolled off the dealership, all sleek, shiny, and clean.

Extremely hydrophobic. This polymer is hydrophobic, meaning rain and dirty water won’t stand a chance when your car is protected with ceramic coating. The liquid will drip right off and will not leave behind ugly streaks, water spots, and marks.

Car sunscreen. Ceramic coating offers full protection against damage caused by oxidation and repeated exposure to UV rays. It serves as your car’s sunscreen!

Hassle-free cleaning. Ceramic coating makes your car easier to clean. Remove bug splatter, dust, and bird droppings within minutes with ceramic coating.

Money-saving. Now that your vehicle is protected, you won’t spend as much time and money having it washed and waxed. 

The Ultimate Vehicle Surface Protection

We can apply a ceramic coating on your car’s

  • Paintwork
  • Wheels
  • Decals
  • Car vinyl and chrome wraps
  • Glass windows
  • Rubber and plastic parts

We can also apply this to your vehicle’s

  • Upholstery (leather, fabric, vinyl/leatherette, plastic)
  • Carpeting

Keep in mind that ceramic coating is permanent and that any scratches and other flaws on the surface will be sealed in after application. That’s why we make sure that we conduct full paint correction first before the application itself.

Part of the preparation process also includes a thorough wash, cleanup, and dry. Your car will also be wiped clean with alcohol to remove any remaining dirt and debris.

Once the protective coating is applied, we will have to wait for at least 12 hours for it to dry and fully set. Now your car can enjoy permanent and durable protection from dirt, rain, and UV rays.

Westside Window Tinting is committed to excellence. Our crew members are trained and have extensive experience in window tinting, ceramic coating application, and vehicle surface protection services. Our service is backed with a 10-year warranty.