3M Authorised Window Tint Films

3M CS T35 – T20 – T5

3M Colour Stable film is a dyed charcoal tinted film that never turns purple due to the nano-carbon polyester that retains the colour stability. This is a non-metalised film that ensures it does not create any signal interference. The process 3M use to maker their own polyester ensures maximum heat reduction of up to 57% and glare relief without a metalised film that can interrupt radio and satellite signals. This film is a high quality and affordable window tint that blocks up to 99% harmful UV rays while ensuring excellent optical clarity.

    • A dyed-charcoal construction.
    • A non reflective appearance.
    • Excellent optical clarity.
    • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

3M FX HP T35 – T20 – T5

3M FX High Performance film is an affordable window tint with a combination of metalised and dyed film technology that provides additional heat rejection without sacrificing the high quality of film. This film is designed to reject up to 55% solar heat and provide significant glare relief while still being cheaper to install for the consumer. All 3M film blocks up to 99% harmful UV rays that gives the vehicle occupants a SPF rating of up to 1000, which is why it is a product recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. As this window tint blocks the UV rays this will also protect the vehicle interior from fading.

This window film has a charcoal tint to it to enhance the exterior look to the vehicle, as opposed to inferior film that has a green or purple tint to it. This ensures the quality of the product is 3M FX HP and not an exported imitation. Westside Window Tinting is a 3M accredited installer, which means all 3M FX HP film comes with a limited lifetime warranty, backed by 3M Window Films.

  • A dyed-metal construction.
  • Charcoal colour that will enhance the look of your vehicle.
  • Superior heat and glare reduction.
  • Excellent optical clarity.

As Westside Window Tinting is an accredited licensed 3M installer, all installations are backed by 3M’s limited lifetime warranty, which is for the length of time the customer owns the vehicle.

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