Lifetime Tinting Manufacturer’s Warranty

Lifetime Tinting Manufacturer’s Warranty

When you turn to Westside Window Tinting for all of your tinting needs, whether you are looking to cover the windows on your brand new BMW or you are looking to tint the windows of your high rise office building, we have just what you need and a lifetime warranty that comes along with it.

When you invest in tinting, you’ll want to make sure that it stands the test of time; after all, it is not only going to be protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun, but it is also going to ensure your privacy when at your home/office or in your car.

The lifetime warranty provided by us protects against demetallising, cracking, crazing, color change and delaminating. All of this means that you aren’t just protected in the event that your tinting fails to function effectively, but it also guarantees that the job will always look like it was just completed, whether this is one or five years from now.

If found to be defective while under our lifetime warranty, we will replace the tinting at no cost to the owner; all the owner has to do is take the car to one of the authorised dealers in their area. Documentation, including the proof of purchase, is required before the job will be undertaken.

A lifetime warranty provides you with a lifetime peace of mind, and this is what comes of investing in the high quality tinting service from Westside Window Tinting Brisbane. Call 0419 911 193 to discuss the best tinting solution for your home, commercial property, car or machinery today.

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  • Darkest Legal Tint
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 99% UV Block out
  • Reduce heat & fading
  • Enhance Appearance
  • Tint Removal
  • Tinting of trucks & heavy machinery
  • Protect your interior