How Do We Apply Your Automotive Window Tint Film?

How Do We Apply Your Automotive Window Tint Film?

Preparing Your Vehicle

As the majority of our business involves mobile car tinting solutions, before we start the job, we require a clean, dry place in which to work. Inside a clean garage is usually best, but if we need do the job outside then good weather and no rain is essential.

To prepare the vehicle we vacuum some of the interior, remove any stickers that might be attached to the windows as well as any adhesive that might have been left behind.

Washing your car windows is the next step in the process, since any dust or dirt that gets in between the glass and the film could end up causing the tinting to peel. Once the windows have been washed, we dry them with a lint-free cloth and then use the squeegee to remove any and all excess water.

Side Window Tint Application

We spread the tinting film across the exterior of the window using the correct technique and then spray down the outside of the window with our special tint solution to keep it in place. Following this, we wind down the window about 20mm and start peeling the film, while spraying the exposed side with the tinting solution. We custom fit the tint film to the top of the window and then a squeegee is used starting from the top of the film, moving downwards while raising the window.

The back portion of the film is removed while spraying the lower section of the glass and the left over film is tucked into the rubber bottom. A squeegee is then used to remove all air bubbles to provide a quality finished tint.

Rear Window Tinting Application

We spray the window with our special tint solution and lay the film across the window. The backing is then peeled off and sprayed with the tint solution once again. We ensure that the inside of the window and the adhesive section of the film is sprayed. The film is positioned correctly at the top of the window and then we work our way downwards using the squeegee to remove all air bubbles.

Your vehicle is then left to dry and our service is complete.

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