What Mood Is Your Car In, And Will It Last? Paint Protection Technology Can Help!

What Mood Is Your Car In, And Will It Last? Paint Protection Technology Can Help!

Online quizzes try to match your car colour with your personality, while trendy colours point to your sense of style. Whatever colour choice you make, you want it to stand the test of weather and grime. Paint protection makes your car sun, water and dirt repellent.

  • Can your car colour withstand yesterday’s blues and tomorrow’s hues?

Car colours reflect real world moods. Grey tones were popular a while ago during the global financial crisis, followed by blues representing the interconnection of digital and social developments. Old-fashioned colours frequently return to favour when you least expect them to. Is your car ready for anything?

In vogue this season in Brisbane are an organic palette influenced by nature and the loud Hyper HD based around primary colours. A calm palette representing privacy is also sought-after. Of course, the popularity of conservative tones like white, black and silver never decreases. In that case, you want to protect the clean, consistent look for as long as possible.

Whether you have chosen the HD look or a subtle palette, it’s important to keep the original hue intended so that your car doesn’t look shabby. More importantly, you want to protect your car from costly damage. Paint Protection Film (PPF) offers breakthrough technology for paint protection applications.

  • Paint protection is like skin for your car

Paint protection should be stretchable, showing no signs of stretch marks or tool scratches during the installation process. Just like our skin, it should be able to fit difficult curves and have some self-healing properties, too.

Continuous gravel damage can be minimised with the right application of PPF and if your car’s surface is scratched, a good paint protection can be heated up to ambient temperature and show no signs of damage.

Paint protection with a high gloss finish can actually improve the appearance of the original paint. Precision coating technology provides superior clarity, so that the finish is crystal clear and free of colour. You’ll want to avoid that old, yellowing look.

You probably have a screen shield on your smartphone. Invisible, protective barriers for your car are even more essential. Call and have a chat to us about our PPF technology.